Holiday in Cambodia

August 6-12, 2016

Cambodia, you’re wonderful. My whirlwind trip to Siem Reap lasted seven days, but I wish it had been seven longer. At the end of every day, my boyfriend and I were extremely tired from constant exploration (and maybe a bit of heat exhaustion), but we always wanted to see more. My trip felt ridiculously full, but I know there’s so much there that I didn’t get to see. I’ll use that as an excuse to go back someday. I’ll see ya again, Cambodia. I know it.

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Iron Man Teacher


This is a conversation I had between myself, my coteacher, and a very disappointed 3rd grader around the time that “Captain America: Civil War” came out in Korea. The amount of thought he put in before he sighed and said he wished he could have Iron Man instead of me was adorable, even though he was basically wishing I could be someone else.

3rd graders are wonderful.

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